Photo-A-Day Opshop Challenge
  • EVENT TYPE Extended Calendar Event
  • WHEN 1-31 August
  • ENTRY Free


Join in on the fun of the Restyle Photo-a-Day Challenge! It’s all about being creative, it’s super easy to get involved and celebrate opshopping. Download the prompt list below, get inspired by our seven Restyle bloggers, create your own opshop looks and share them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For the first time this year, we’re giving those of you playing at home the opportunity to walk the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival runway alongside our Restyle bloggers! For your chance to be part of our two Restyle Runways, make sure you hashtag #RestyleRunway when you #Restyle2014!

Competition Details for #RestyleRunway

  • Our top 10 Restylers will need to be available  to walk in the Restyle Runway shows on Friday 19 September at 9am & Sunday 21 September at 10am
  • Each Restyler will receive professional hair and makeup
  • Competition closes 5 September with the top 10 Restylers announced on 8th September
  • To qualify you will need to be located in Perth, WA and be able to participate both runway shows




Meet our 2014 Restyle Bloggers


AMY Amy Davis, 25


Instagram / @mrsdavisxo

Facebook / www.facebook.com/amyleedesigner?ref=hl

Twitter / @mrsdavisxo

Amy is exclusively opshopping and blogging for Anglicare

Describe your style in 5 words: I’m a bit of everything!

Glitter or neutrals? Glitter, glitter, glitter!

What is your favourite opshop find? So far, I have fell in love with an animal print knit I bought for the prompt ‘textured’. I completely adore them.



HANNAH Hannah McAll, 26


Instagram / @inthedressupbox

Facebook / www.facebook.com/HannahMcAll

Twitter / @inthedressupbox

Hannah is exclusively opshopping and blogging for Australian Red Cross

Describe your style in 5 words: Cher Horowitz minus daddy’s MasterCard

Gown or tomboy? I absolutely adore getting dolled up and donning a gown but I rarely get the opportunity, so I was excited to see the Gown style prompt!

Your top tip for someone who has not opshopped before: Have an open mind! You need to you take your time, sort through the racks thoroughly (try not to get overwhelmed!), imagine how the clothes will look and work with your own style. Remember that funny smells and small marks can usually be fixed with a good wash!



FASHION 2.1 Jocelyn, 26 & Jacquelyn, 28


Instagram / @fashiontwopointone

Facebook / facebook.com/FASHION 2.1

Twitter / @fashion2point1

Fashion 2.1 is exclusively opshopping and blogging for Good Sammy

Describe your style in 5 words: Classic, Androgynous, Minimalistic, Casual-Chic and Preppy

Gown or tomboy? Tomboy! We strongly believe in comfort dressing. We love boyfriend jeans, sneakers, chunky oversized knits and blouses.

What is your favourite opshop find? An amazing oversized fully lined tweed coat.



VICKI Vicki Thompson, 42 on my driver’s licence, 32 in my head!


Instagram / @thefashionablemum

Facebook / www.thefacebook.com/thefashionablemum

Twitter / @thefashmum

Vicki is exclusively opshopping and blogging for The Salvation Army

Describe your style in 5 words: Parisian wannabe with ripped jeans.

Animal Print or Pastel? Pastels make me think of bridesmaid dresses but I also love animal print! Definitely my favourite two prompts!

What is your favourite opshop find? A few months ago I found a Rebecca Thompson silk skirt for $7 – it still had the $299 price tag on!



DEMELZA Demelza Buckley, 29


Instagram / @demelzabuckleyfashion

Facebook / www.facebook.com/demelzafashionblog

Twitter / @demelzabuckley

Demelza is exclusively opshopping and blogging for Save the Children

Describe your style in 5 words: Pretty, Feminine, Romantic, Nostalgic, Girlie

Floral or Double Denim? Florals are a timeless classic. I have always loved floral fabrics, prints, pretty floral tea dresses and midi skirts. Florals compliment my personality and sense of style and I always feel fantastic wearing a LFD (Little Floral Dress)

Your top tip for someone who has not opshopped before? Opshops are filled to the brim with all sorts of hidden treasures so I recommend persistence and patience. Look for things which have interesting prints, quality fabrics and classic silhouettes.



JENELLE Jenelle Witty, 30


Instagram / @inspiringwit

Facebook / www.facebook.com/inspiringwit

Twitter / @inspiringwit

Jenelle is exclusively opshopping and blogging for Vinnies

Describe your style in 5 words: Chic, Classic, Undone, Edgy and Comfortable

Glitter or neutrals? Neutrals are a clean slate especially with less-is-more feminine tailoring, textures and soft elegance. I love the flexibility, youthfulness and audacity of neutrals for any season.

Top tip for someone who hasn’t opshopped before: Look for quality fabrics and know what colours suit you; this will help avoid buying things you would likely never wear. Lots of opshops arrange garments by colour which is super helpful!



ANNA Anna Kaminska-Whyte, 27


Instagram / @leatherlacelipstick

Facebook / www.facebook.com/LeatherLaceLipstick

Twitter / @leatherlacelips

Anna is exclusively opshopping and blogging for RSPCA

Animal Print or Pastel? If you ask me the same question tomorrow my answer would probably different! Today it’s Pastel- I’m feeling very romantic, spending all day dreaming about dancing around in a secret garden full of flowers in a gorgeous pastel dress, enjoying every ray of sunshine.

Top tip for someone who has never opshopped before: Take your time, open your mind, let your imagination work and don’t worry about the sizes. If you’re not sure about an item just GET IT! They are all crazy amazing bargains and the next day when you come back it’s not going to be there :)